Intro to Digital and Social Media for Real Estate Professionals
Learn to use social media tools to attract new clients, increase referrals, and maximize your advertising return on investment.
Social Media for Real Estate, Training for Real Estate

Intro to Digital and Social Media for Real Estate Professionals

The home buyers journey starts (and may end) online. Your online presence and ability to engage clients is paramount. In an industry where referrals generate the majority of new business, the social value and peer recommendations via social media make it your best marketing tool. Digital and Social Media for Real Estate Professionals is designed specifically for Real Estate Professionals to review the tools and techniques that are relevant to their industry. Learn the key points for developing an action plan to incorporate digital and social media into an overall communications and advertising plan. Know how to add value to your current and future clients via social media opportunities. Understand how to use video channels (YouTube) and visual channels (Pinterest) to generate business. Learn how to develop a strategy to maximize your advertising spend for return on investment through pay-per-click social media advertising.


For Individuals
  • Learn ways to use digital and social media to attract new clients
  • Add value to past clients
  • Gain insight on mistakes to avoid
  • Use visual channels to improve your listings
  • Find out how pay-per-click social media advertising gives you the best ROI
For Organizations
  • Gain more exposure of your brand through an online presence
  • Implement tools for agents to listen and engage with potential and current customers
  • Expand marketing reach via digital and social media

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed specifically for professionals in the Real Estate industry.


Topics covered during the seminar:
• Strategy for cross-channel digital and social media communication and advertising to prospective buyers
• Overview of the main channels currently in use by Real Estate Professionals and the value of each
• Adding value to past clients and engaging potential clients through social media channels
• Review case examples of successes (and failures) of Real Estate Professionals on the use of digital and social media
• Key points for developing an action plan to incorporate digital and social media in your communications and advertising plan

A laptop or tablet is recommended for this session. 

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7 


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