Developing a Human Resource Plan
People are your most important asset. Your organization needs a human resource plan to attract and retain its most valuable resource. Learn a process for developing an effective human resource plan for your organization.
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Developing a Human Resource Plan

Learn a process for developing an effective human resource plan to ensure that your organization has the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs.

Developing a Human Resource Plan guides participants through a step-by-step process to developing a human resource plan that includes: staffing, forecasting, performance management, compensation, and employee development.  Participants will learn how the human resource plan links to the organizational strategic plan and contributes to employee morale and overall organizational success. 

The seminar explains a process for assessing current and future human resource challenges and how to use recruitment, succession planning and retention strategies to address these issues.  Participants will learn how to prioritize issues and develop strategic staffing solutions.  The seminar also teaches the process of developing action plans for successfully communicating, executing, and monitoring the human resource plan.

This is a core module in the  Human Resource Development Program.


For Individuals
  • Build knowledge of human resource planning frameworks
  • Understand how the human resource plan impacts organizational culture
  • Identify your role in human resource planning
  • Learn how to relate the human resource plan to organizational strategy
  • Understand performance management
  • Use HR planning skills to contribute to the success of overall organizational strategy
  • Learn how to identify and manage gaps in existing human resources
For Organizations
  • Understand how to gain competitiveness through the management of people
  • Enhance management ability to initiate HR planning and “live” the plan
  • Introduce strategies to improve performance management
  • Know how to develop a plan to attract, retain and develop employees
  • Learn techniques for integrating the human resource plan with overall business strategies
  • Generate support for the process of human resource planning

Who Should Attend

Managers and supervisors, business owners, and professionals responsible for the human resource function in your organization.


Build your competencies in human resource planning through professional development in:

  • The importance of human resource planning
  • Understanding your role in human resource planning
  • How human resource planning links with corporate strategy
  • How to conduct an environmental scan
  • The human resource planning process
  • The key elements of a human resource plan: staffing performance appraisal; compensation; and employee development
  • How the human resource plan impacts organizational culture 

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7

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