Adapting to Change: Managing the Transition
Organizational change is a necessary and constant part of business - successfully managing the change is the challenge. Learn strategies to lead others through the change transition process and create understanding, acceptance and buy-in.
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Adapting to Change: Managing the Transition

Learn strategies to lead others through the change transition process and create understanding, acceptance and buy-in.

Adapting to Change: Managing the Transition teaches strategies to successfully implement change without sacrificing morale, major losses in productivity and performance.  Supervisors and managers will learn the tools they need to optimize communication efforts, guide employees through the emotional reactions to change, and deal effectively with high levels of uncertainty.   The seminar teaches the fundamentals of organization change, common pitfalls, and effective communication strategies.  Participants will understand how to interpret employee reactions to change and how to take control, communicate, and manage the transition. 


For Individuals
  • Learn how to successfully manage organizational change
  • Learn tools to manage staff reactions and negativity
  • Understand effective methods for communicating the change
  • Implement strategies to navigate your team through the transition
  • Understand the two “C”s of change management: connection and concern
  • Learn practical change management tools and techniques
For Organizations
  • Learn how to get employee support for organizational change
  • Introduce strategies to minimize conflict and stress during organizational changes
  • Learn how to manage employee morale  during a transition
  • Introduce techniques for maintain productivity among your staff in times of change
  • Know how to engage all stakeholders in the change management process
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts of managing change

Who Should Attend

Supervisors and managers responsible for implementing change in their organization.


Learn how to successfully navigate your team during times of organizational changes through professional development in:

  • Change management best practices
  • Common causes of poor transition management, and how to counter them
  • Responding effectively to employees’ reactions to change transition
  • Guidelines for effective communication and management of change transition
  • Creating a detailed assessment of a specific transition in your organization, including how workloads are affected, personal reactions to the change, and pros and cons of responsibility for communicating transition details to employees
  • Creating (and practice delivering) an individual communication plan for an organizational transition
  • Develop an action plan of next steps for improving transition management

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7

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