Supply Chain Management Program
The SCMP is Canada's most sought-after and widely-held designation in supply chain management. The highest achievement in the field, it is the mark of strategic leadership.
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Supply Chain Management Professional Designation Program

The Gardiner Centre and the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) partner to offer SCMA's Supply Chain Management Professional Designation Program  in Newfoundland and Labrador.  SCMA is the leading professional association in Canada for supply chain management professionals.  With more than 40,000 members and program participants working in all sectors of the economy, SCMA is the principal source of supply chain training, education and professional development in Canada.   The highest achievement in professional supply chain management education in Canada is the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation.  The Gardiner Centre is pleased to be partnering with SCMA in delivering their certification program and professional workshops to those working in the purchasing and supply chain profession.  


Current Offerings:


 To register, contact Megan Boyd at 1-888-799-0877 or email

Visit the Supply Chain Management Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Website for more information on the program and modules. 

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Who Should Attend

Senior purchasing and supply chain management professionals and experienced academics who are seeking to enhance their competencies and achieve a professional designation. 


Candidates should have professional experience and insight into the:

  • Functioning of people and organizations;
  • Workings of the marketplace; and
  • Accounting methods that enable an organization to effectively manage its revenues and expenditures.

This will ensure that those enrolling in the program have a common base level of fundamental business management knowledge in the supporting areas of supply chain management. The prerequisite knowledge positions candidates to derive maximum benefit from the program. Individuals who have successfully completed a degree or diploma program in a business-related function at a Canadian university, college or technical institute will be deemed to have met the admission requirement. Other individuals will need to obtain business management knowledge through post-secondary courses or PMAC educational offerings in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Business
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business Communication
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behaviour


In order to earn the SCMP, you must successfully complete all of the following elements of the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) Designation Program:

  • 8 Modules – Cover the core areas of strategic supply chain management knowledge
  1. Supply Chain Management
  2. Procurement and Supply Management
  3. Logistics and Transportation
  4. Operations and Process Management
  5. Knowledge Management
  6. Global Sourcing
  7. Supply Chain Management for the Public Sector
  8. Supply Chain Management for Services, Capital Goods and Major Projects
  • Interactive Workshops – Address high-level business skills
  1. Leadership and Professionalism
  2. Negotiation Skills
  3. Communication and Relational Skills
  4. Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation and Contract Management
  5. International Business and Multicultural Skills
  6. Ethical Behaviour and Social Responsibility
  • In-Residence Week – Integrates and advances knowledge gained during Modules and Interactive Workshops, and hones management and leadership skills; also provides Final Exam preparation
  • Final Examination – Tests knowledge acquired throughout the program and practical experience in a cased-based Exam
  • Practical Experience Requirement – A minimum of three years


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