Human Resource Development
The Human Resource Development Program provides human resource professionals with the strategies required to manage the organizations talent and create an environment where people want to work.
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Human Resource Development Program

Learn forward thinking employment practices and strategies to develop your organization’s most valuable asset – your people.

The Human Resource Development Program provides human resource professionals with the strategies required to manage the organization’s talent and create an environment where people want to work.

The program includes a series of core and elective seminars that address the importance of having a comprehensive human resource plan linked to the organization’s overall strategy, and extends to cover such areas as recruitment, employee development, and workplace culture.  The core seminars are designed to provide the fundamentals of human resource development while the electives provide the opportunity to customize the program to match specific personal and organizational needs.

Upon completion of the required modules, participants will be issued a Certificate of Achievement in Human Resource Development, acknowledging focused skills development in this subject area. 


For Individuals
  • Strengthen human resource management competencies
  • Define your role in human resource planning
  • Learn practical human resource planning skills
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of the organization
  • Understand the value of employee coaching
  • Motivate employees to achieve personal and organizational success
  • Advance your H.R. career
For Organizations
  • Create organizational success through effective HR planning
  • Build a strong and effective human resource team
  • Ensure a link between human resource planning and overall strategic direction
  • Introduce HR best practices
  • Create an enriching work experience
  • Improve employee morale and workplace environment
  • Encourage dignity and respect in the workplace

Who Should Attend

Supervisors, managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and human resource professionals.


Achieving the Certificate of Achievement in Human Resource Development requires the completion of 6 modules: 3 core modules and 3 elective modules.  Each module consists of a 1 or 2 day-long seminar.  The program is structured to be flexible and self-directed with participants completing modules at their own pace.

Core Modules

Performance Coaching and Development  June 20-21

Developing a Human Resource Plan  July 7 

The Recruitment and Selection Process  November 2  


Elective Modules (must complete 3)

Employment Law for Managers  June 14-15

HR Succession Planning   September 27

Coaching Out of the Box   October 19-20 

Investing in Employee Development  December 8 

Employee Retention Strategies   

Compensation Design and Planning 

HR Policy Essentials 

Please refer to the module descriptions for details, dates and to register.

This program is structured to be flexible and self-directed so that it can be completed within one year or over several years. Upon completion of the required modules, participants will be issued a Certificate of Achievement, acknowledging focused skills development in this subject area.

If you would like to register for the full program contact our Training Advisor Jackie Collins at or 864-2131 for a price quote based on the modules you select. 

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Past Participant(s) Said


Chip Clark

Chip Clark has spent most of her career providing organization development consulting services to a wide variety of companies, small businesses, government agencies, arts organizations, academic institutions, and miscellaneous other groups of people who work together.  

Her success at solving organization problems has taken her across the United States and Canada, and occasionally beyond North America. She has successfully introduced strategic planning to a number of organizations attempting it for the first time. Much of her work involves helping people improve their ability to anticipate and respond to change. Chip once spent five years teaching project management to electrical engineers in California's fabled Silicon Valley, where she spent a lot of time at Apple Computer but did not meet Steve Jobs.  Her seminars provide practical tools and information, are highly interactive, rely on humour, and aim to improve the quality of participants' work life. 

Her academic background includes degrees in Biology and Counseling Psychology, and graduate studies in Cultural Anthropology. She is a lifelong student of organization behaviour.

Lynn Best

Lynn Best is the President of CreAction Consulting, an organization that specializes in Workplace Learning and Employee Development. Lynn is a Certified Executive Coach, holding a PCC designation from the International Coach Federation. She has a Masters degree in Adult Education and two undergraduate degrees in Post-Secondary Education and Arts.

Lynn has experience working with private, public, and not-for-profit organizations, and has worked locally and internationally. She is a skilled facilitator who enjoys creating a collaborative learning environment. Lynn is passionate about workplace learning, particularly in the areas of executive coaching and coach training, leadership development, succession planning, and employee development.

Lynn Morrissey

Lynn Morrissey has over 20 years' experience as a facilitator, consultant, and educator.  She has taught academic courses in communications, organizational communications, and human resources, at the Faculty of Business Administration, Memorial University. She has received many awards for her contributions including the Dean’s Teaching Award, the Dean’s Service Award, the Dean’s Citizenship Award, the President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching and most recently the Queen`s Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012).

Lynn has a long-standing relationship with the Gardiner Centre, instructing professional development seminars that focus mainly on workplace communications. Lynn's industry experience includes writing training and development strategies, developing training plans, leading performance development processes, conducting communications reviews, and facilitating strategy sessions.

In her 'spare time' Lynn is also Faculty Advisor for Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Memorial, an international student organization focusing on enhancing entrepreneurial skills and community development.  Under Lynn's mentorship, the SIFE Memorial team has consistently achieved top awards and accolades at both the national and international levels. In 2007 Lynn was awarded the John Dobson Faculty Advisor of the Year in Canada for her work with her SIFE team.

Tom Wiseman

Tom Wiseman is principal of Wiseman & Associates Inc., a private firm specializing in people effectiveness, human relations and employee development. He consults nationally on difficult human relations issues, employee improvement and development, and respectful workplace initiatives. He has worked very successfully with unionized and non-unionized workplaces, conducting harassment investigations, workplace personnel interventions, forming and supporting Respectful Workplace Committees, and training all employees in the skills necessary to achieve rapid enhancements in the quality of their workplace culture.

Tom has partnered with the Gardiner Centre for over 26 years designing, customizing, delivering and facilitating training on such topics as conflict management, interpersonal negotiating techniques, fostering respect and dignity in the workplace, problem solving and decision making, time management, and stress management.

As a specialized service, Tom acts as a workplace coach for front-line supervisors and managers, as well as consulting as an executive coach to senior managers and executives.  Tom has also consulted on or developed performance management systems for numerous organizations and trained managers and employees on both giving, as well as receiving, performance based feedback and coaching.

Travor Brown

Travor Brown is a Professor at the Faculty of Business, Memorial University and Director of the Masters in Employment Relations (MER) Program.  Travor has taught at the University of Toronto (where he received his PhD in Industrial Relations), University of Ulster, and Memorial University.  He has won several teaching and research awards.  In addition, his industry experience with Nortel Networks and Abitibi-Price includes a variety of Human Resource Management and Labour Relations roles throughout Canada and the United States. Today he continues to have links with industry through practice, research and consulting. Travor has published and presented research papers extensively in areas concerning employee and managerial development.  He currently holds a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) grant concerning training effectiveness.

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