MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

John Carter

Pat Curtis NFLD 2 Tape 9A Track 7
Trepassey Audio:

LEACH: Yeah... that’s on. You ready?
P.CURTIS: (sings)

Ye landsmen all and ye I’ll call and jolly seamen bold
It’s of a cruel murder twould make your blood run cold
On board a ship "Caroline" by name across to Boston bound
Her decks being all stained wit’ blood and splattered all around

Our captain shipped in Queenstown, John Cutter (Carter?) our first mate
He bein’ a wild and a furious youth as ye may plainly see
He bein’ a wild an' a furious yout' as ye may plainly see
He murdered four and killed himself and displayed much degree

For eleven days we plowed the sea our hearts in merriment
From that up to the fourteenth they rose in argument
Between our Captain and first mate all in the cabin room
By it our Captain lost his life and met ~ watery doom

From that up to the twentieth when the _____________
When Cutter in the cabin went it was a dreadful sight
Twas with a heavy hatchet struck our Captain on the head
His blood and brains the cabin stained as he lay on the bed

Now up on deck John Cutter went meeting our second mate
Twas wit' his heavy weapon I’m sorry to relate
He threw his body overboard to sink beneath the waves
Far from his aged parents he lies in an ocean grave

Now when he threw him overboard he swore all hands he'd slain
He shot a Russian passenger and wounded him somewhere
The blood came flowing from the wound the scene I’ll ne'er retire
And Cutter swore all hands he’d slain and set the ship on fire

The crew they all assembled John Cutter to surround
To bring him back to Queenstown in irons strongly bound
When Cutter fired another shot the next in __________ to fall
He shot our gallant carpenter all by a pistol ball

Now four bein' slain on board of us most dreadful to behold
Twas by a ________ he got a blow and on the deck did fall
The sailors tied him in a boat still bleeding from the wound
And Cutter died mad raging all in the afternoon

God help his aged parents and those he left behind
And likewise Captain John Dwyer left wife and child behind
May the Lord have mercy on their souls let every Christian pray
For their poor souls that lost their life in this great massacre


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