MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

The Lowlands of Holland

Harry Curtis NFLD 2 Tape 9A Track 6
Trepassey Audio:

[The first part of this song is obscured by noise on tape]

LEACH: All right let her go
CURTIS: (sings)

Those that l loved as l assure them I’ll never be content
Till the salt seas will be frozen before l will repent
Repent I will forever until my dying day

[Noise starts here]

of Holland parted my love from me

Now my love he built a bonny ship and put her on the sea
Wit’ seven score good mariners to bring 'er home again
The weary winds began to blow and the seas began to run(?)
Now my love and his bonny ship hard weather's tossed about

Now my love he built another ship and put her on the main
Wit' seven score good mar'ners to bear her company
They were t'ree of them got drownded and the others died at sea
For the lowlands of Holland parted my love from me

Said the mother to her daughter dear who do you sad lament
For there's lotsa men in this country who'll with you be content
If there's lots of men in this country there is none of them for me
For the lowlands of Holland parted my love from me

Now there'll never be a cap go on my head or a haircomb in my hair
Nor will there be a candlelight shine in my bedroom more
Nor will l love another man until my dying day
For the man that l love dearly is sleeping in the sea


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