MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

The Convict

Mrs. Michael Devereaux NFLD 2 Tape 9A Track 5
Trepassey Audio:

A convict in his prison cell lay dying
Spoke of _________ and loved ones there
Asked his cellmates in a whisper
Do they think my end is near?

Do they think of me in prison?
I was once their pride and joy
Do they think of me in prison?
Do they miss their convict boy?

Oh I long to see my sister
Charming blithe sister Nell
How often l have blessed her
As I lay in my prison cell

Have my brothers turned against me
Since to prison I have come
If they have I cannot blame them
For bad comp'ny have me done

Take this keepsake to my mother
It is but a lock of hair
That is all I have to send her
She will treasure it with care

As he handed me the keepsake
Sparks of light had nearly fled
After ten long years in prison
Now their convict boy was dead


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