MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
May God Guard And Prosper England
Mrs. Michael Devereaux NFLD 2 Tape 9A Track 3
Trepassey Audio:

A youth of twenty years or more stood on the "Florizel"
His mother who was standing near upon his broad chest fell
My darling son she cried aloud it grieves my heart full sore
To think that l may never in this world see you no more

You are my pride my love and joy since you l first caressed
When a smiling babe l watched you as you nestled on my breast
I watched you as you _______ grew to manhood's tall estate
And wondered what the future had allotted for your fate

And he who looked upon you with a fondness like my own
Who loved you with a miser' s care though all the years that' s flown
It's he your father on this day who weeps at your depart
For you my son sincerely from the warm depths of his heart

Like me when sickness touched you he watched you while you slept
Like me he thought he's lose you and he oft times o'er you wept
But heaven has not willed it so though now you have to go
To tread the fields of battle where there's many lying low

The son gazed on that tender form saying mother do not cry
Keep up your hearts some other day you'll see your own dear boy
My king and country calls me and l cannot stay away
So all l ask dear mother now that for me you will pray

And tell my loving father for me to do the same
Tell him to have no fear for me his name I’ll never shame
So kiss me darling mother and ask God your son to bless
And let me feel once more of your sweet loving caress

The mother gave her son the kiss and blessed him from the heart
'Good-bye dear boy good-bye she cried and though we soon must part
I give you freely to our king and God protect his laws
And guard and prosper England and her noble right [cause?]


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