MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Lady Margaret
John James NFLD 2 Tape 9 Track 7
Trepassey Audio:

LEACH: All right
JAMES: (sings)

Lady Margaret sitting in her own shady grove
Where it was built of brick and stone
Lady Margaret sitting in her own shady grove
And she heard a dismal moan

Is that my father the king, she cries
Is that my brother John?
Is that my true love Willie, she says
That has lately sailed away

I'm not your father the king he says
I'm not your brother John
But I am your true love Willie he says
That lately sailed away

Did you bring to me either purse she says
Did you bring to me either ring
Did you bring to me either token at all
As a true love ought to bring

I brought you neither purse he says
I brought you neither ring
I brought to you the cold winding sheet
Which covers many the weary limb

Lady Margaret took off her ap-e-ron
And she hung it on a limb
And twas over the hills on a cold winters night
Kept a dead man's company

They came till they came to the churchyard village
Where the grass grew mossy green
Sayin' this is my home sweet
Willie he says It's the place I do dwell in

Are their any room at your head she says
Are there any at your feet
Are there any room for me at all?
Till I lie down and sleep

My father is at my head he said
My mother is at my feet
And there's three hellhounds at my left side
For my left soul to take

One is for my drunk being absent
And the other for my pride
And the others for courting a fair pretty maid
And staying out late by night

(Speaks) That's all I know, sir. Tis only a little bit now I got of it.
LEACH: All right
JAMES: (sings)

He took her by the lily-white hand
And he pressed her to his breast
If the living is bound for to pray for the dead
Sure you're bound to pray for me

He took her by the lily-white hand
And he bent her to his knee
You can have my first wish Willie she cried
May the great God grant you rest.


A possible variant of Proud Lady Margaret (Ch 47)

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