MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Wearing of the Suit of Green
Cyril O'Brien NFLD 2 Tape 8A Track 7
Trepassey Audio:

Now, ye feeling-hearted Christians, came listen to my melody
And when that ye will hear it, I’m sure you all will pity me
For once I courted a young man, as neat a youth as could be seen
He was torn from my arms for wearing of a suit of green.

It was on a summer's evening, me and my love by chance did rove
Locked in each other's arms, as we strayed to a shady grove
He laid his head against my breast, most feeling unto me did say
"Oh, my life lies in great danger, from wearing of the suit of green."

"Oh, Jimmy, my love Jimmy, if this you say to me be true
Do you take off your green clothes and I’ll buy for you a suit of blue."
"Oh, no, my fairest creature, such a coward as that I’ll never be seen
For I’m a son to ________ and forever I’ll adore the green. "

It was on a Sunday evening, me and my love sat in a room
Locked in each other's arms, immediately the guards they came guns
'Twas with their guns the doors they broke, the moment my true love was seen
They tore him from my arms for wearing of a suit of green.

So now my love is taken, before court-martial he is trialed
The colonel he gave orders, at ten o'clock my love must die
I said I’d disregard him, if the rights of law they'd show to me
For the crime they had against him was wearing of a suit of green.

My love went to the colonel, her case to him for to make known
Imploring there for mercy, down on her bending knees did fall
"Arise, arise, my blooming girl, your true love, l will set him free
I’ll restore him to your arms and give him leave to wear the green."

So now if my trial is over, thank God and those that set me free
Proud spirit he must attend, that girl that showed her love so true to me
And now I’ll wed her in Phoenix, that blooming girl I’ll make a queen
I’ll dress her in gold laces and her mantle shall be of the green.

[Last three words spoken]


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