MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Pretty Maid Milking her Cow
Michael Murphy NFLD 2 Tape 8 Track 9
Trepassey Audio:

MURPHY: (sings)

It was on a fine summers morning
When the birds sweetly tuned on each bough
I heard a fair maid sing most charming
As she sat a-milking her cow

Her voice it was chanting melodious
She left me scarce able to go
My heart it is soothed in solace
My _____________________

With courtesy l did salute her
Good-morrow most amiable maid
I’m your captive slave for the future
Kind sir do not banter she said

I’m not such a precious rare jewel
That l should en amour you so
I am but a plain country girl
Says Colleen ________________

The Indies afford no such jewels
So precious and transparently fair
Oh do not to my flame add fuel
But consent foe to love me my dear

Take pity and grant my desire
And leave me no longer in woe
Oh love me or else I’ll expire
Sweet Colleen ____________

Or had l the wealth of ________
Or aIl down the African shore
Or had l great devonshire treasures
Or had l ten thousand times more

Or had l the lamp of Alladdin
Or had l a genie also
l'd rather live poor on a mountain
With my Colleen ________

I beg you withdraw and don't tease me
I cannot consent unto thee
I like to live single and airy
Till more of the world I do see
New cares they would me only embarrass
Besides sir my fortune is low
Until I get rich I’ll not marry
Says my Colleen

An old maid is like an old Almanac
Quite useless when once out of date
If her ware is not sold in the morning
At noon it must fall to low rate

The fragrance of May is soon over
The rose lose its beauty you know
All bloom is consumed in October
Sweet Colleen


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