MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Daniel Monroe
Francis O'Brien NFLD 2 Tape 8 Track 4
Trepassey Audio:


Ye sons of North Britain __________
Ye sons of North Britain that's inclined for to roam
To some foreign country where employment there's none
And amongst the poor number stands Daniel Monroe
It’s away from his country he was forced for to go

He left his two sons wit' their uncle to stay
For 'e not bein' able their passage to pay
The price of their passage oh it bein' so dear
You better stay home b'ys an' remain where you are

Those b'ys got discontented an' troubled in mind
To stay wit' their uncle they were not inclined
They then took a ship and crossed o'er the main
In hopes for to meet wit' their father again

They then took a boy with them for a guide
To show them the place where their father did hide
They strolled aIl along till they came to the groove
Where the small leaves and branches began for to move

Where the high-a-way robber lay Iocked in his den
He presented a pistaI where the two brothers stood
And he Iodged the two bullets in both of their breasts
And he went to his prey like some ang-e-ry beast

And finding them not dead he (noise on tape obscures rest of verse)

Who is your father the robber he cried
He left us in Scotland since twelve months or more
And perhaps you might know him his name is Monroe

Don' tell our dear _____, other we are both lying here
He would...
She would sink into trouble give away to despair
We’re in hopes for to meet her on a much brighter shore
Where you won't be able to shoot us no more


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