MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Gay Wedding
F. Sutton NFLD 2 Tape 7A Track 7
Trepassey Audio:

LEACH: All right
WM. SUTTON: sings

Once l was invited to a noble gay wedding
The bride was a damsel that proved unkind
Come aIl ye fair maidens a warning take by her
Never throw your first lover behind

After wedding supper being ended and over
The bride she requested a song to be sung
The song it was sung by her former first lover
And unto the bride those few verses belonged

Are you leaving me here for to wear this green willow
Is it for one month or is it for two
Or must l throw off that cruel green willow
And change the old one for the new

Oh dear what a large piece of gold that was broken
The marks that reflects though you give it to me(?)
You'll give it to me as a true lovers’ token
And with me no longer it shall remain

Oh how can you lie on another man's pillow
And l being your fonder first lover so long
How can you lie on another man's pillow
And l being contented lie alone for to die

The bride she sat to the head of the table
And aIl that he said oh she marked it right weIl
She being no longer able to bear with his reproaching
Down at the bridegroom straight she fell

Oh there is one request love l'm going for to ask you
It is the first and the last it may be
Came grant me this night for to lie with my mother
And tomorrow night love l'll lie along with thee

This request was readily granted
Weeping and wailing she went to her bed
Early next morning the bridegroom arose
Went to her chamber and found his love dead

Oh there is a tree in my father’s garden
It blooms in the springtime season of the year
Where young men and maidens are fondly a-sporting
Kissing and courting but never _____________.
Oh there is an herb in my father's garden
All that see it they call it thyme
But when you see it blooming on a cold frosty morning
Perhaps fair maiden you may be mine


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