MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Lovely Jimmie
George Carew NFLD 2 Tape 7A Track 3
Trepassey Audio:

On Saturday Evening at the concerting hall
I met lovely Jimmie both handsome and tall
He said come 'long wit’ me a piece down the road
For to view my father's dwelling in the state of his 'ome

There's a tree in my father's garden Lovely Jimmy says she
Where the young men an' maidens they are waiting on me
While my parents are a-sleeping laying there silently
Meet me there my lovely Jimmy you're the lad I love thee

Her ol' father bein' in ambush as they started sayin'
Sayin' l'll go 'long wit' you wherever you'll go
Her father went along sir and 'is father too
It is wit’ a shor weapon'e pierced 'er love through

Father dear father if this be yer will
An' the innoce' blood of my spill
I will sit down beside him on the gratin' where'e lies
May the 'eavens shine around him 'e's my own darling b'y

Come dig my love a grave dig it long wide an' deep
An' now throw it over wit' the lillies so sweet
Then l'll lie a-weeping by a strange counteree
Where I will know no one nor no one know me

Green grows the rushes and the tops of 'em small
Sure love is a thing that goes over us all
I 'llows she lies a-weeping wit' a stone on her breast
And the grave is the next placer hope she finds

MALE VOICE: (in background) Well done George


Alternative title suggestion: Ann O'Brien.

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