MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Mary Brien
George Carew NFLD 2 Tape 7A Track 2
Trepassey Audio:

I wrote my love a letter those words to her did say
Announce to friends and parents to _________ we will go
Its there we will get married and sure no one will know

Bein' late that night that we set out to cross the counteree
T’would bring the tears down from your eyes what she had said to me
When l was going to murder her l made her this reply
Dear Ann you'll go no further for tis here you've got to die

Now James think on yer infant young and don't give me a fright
Nor don't you commit murder this dark an' stormy night
l vow to God here on my knees if you'll spare me my life
I’ll never come to trouble you nor ask to be yer wife

The more she sadly cried in vain sure l did strike her sore
Wit' a heavy load of whippin' I left 'er in ‘er gore
I ________ and beat this tender girl ‘er mourns would tear at your heart
An' when l thought I murdered her was from ‘er l did part

She been alive next morning jus' at the break of day
When a shepherd's only daughter by chance to came this way
She saw ‘er bleeding in ‘er gore an' went to haul her in
She tol' them of his killin' wounds an' sent for the police

The police an' doctor was sent for and coroner too likewise
When they got information they set out in disguise
When they quickly surrounded me an' brought me on my trial
A prisoner l was taking an' for it now must die

Saying James Mike Dunn it is my name for life now I must die
For the murdering of young Ann O’Brien I’m sorry to the heart
For the murdering of an orphan my country boys you see
For when I’m standing on a trap __________________


Alternative title suggestion: Ann O'Brien.

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