MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
F.Sutton NFLD 2 Tape 7A Track 1
Trepassey Audio:

LEACH: All right
SUTTON (sings):

Fare you well British girl l am now going to leave you
By the powers above l will never deceive you
For l must go away to Holland and Flanders
For l cannot stay for I’m brave Alexander

Oh Alexander dear, dear don't you talk on going
For the French in foreign parts might prove your overthrowing
You may receive a shot down from some high tower
Kill you on the spot and there leave your honour

I’ll dress myself up in man's rich apparel
And I’ll go along with you for to guide you in battle
We’ll fight back to back in front or in center
How loudly we'll fight yet boldly we'll conquer

Our troops went to war well fitted for battle
Where bullets do fly and loud cannons rattle
He did receive a shot down from some high tower
Killed him on the spot and there left his honour

Oh Lords of high renown came o'er from yon high mountain
Tears fell from their eyes like an ill (?) crystal fountain
For to see a lady gay of high birth and breeding
How nobly she fought while her hero lay bleeding

Oh Lords of high renown came over to court her
Duke Wellington came intending to suit her
Oh no she cried my noble commander
None shall I enjoy since I lost Alexander


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