MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Take Warning
Cyril O'Brien NFLD 2 Tape 7 Track 6
Trepassey Audio:

LEACH: All right.
O'BRIEN (sings):

Young fellows, you take warning while you this tale I tell
I’ll tell it from a heart that's sad and sore
Come and learn from me a lesson as I have learned it well
From the crepe upon our little cabin door.

But I did not heed the warning, tarried day by day
Wasting time on women, wine and song
But this kind of simple pleasures last only for a day
While the sorrow of repentance lasts so long.

As I journeyed homeward, as I climbed the hill,
I thought to see my mother's face once more,
But as I passed through the gateway, my aching heart stood still
There was crepe upon our little cabin door.

Now, young fellow, you take warning, you've heard the tale I’ve told
I’ve told it from a heart now sad and sore
Come and learn from me a lesson, as I have learned so well,
From the crepe upon our little cabin door.


Sources: Randolph, 653; Roud #7574.

History: Religious warning that death is coming.

Text: Young fellows take warning against the pleasures of the flesh.   The singer warns young men to make time for their mothers because they will not be on this earth forever.

Tune: This performance is rhythmically free, however, the metre is fundamentally a quadruple one.   The form is ABAC and the tonality is major.

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