MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
In St. Giles There Dwelled A Lady
Cyril O'Brien NFLD 2 Tape 6A Track 7
Trepassey Audio:

In St. Giles there dwelt a lady nor would no beauty with her compare
For she could dress so well as any
Because she had ten thousand a year
She was so high and so condescending
No man on earth could her husband be
Unless he was some bold king of honour
That was never conquered by land or sea

They were two brothers and they were loyal
And to this lady made their address
Then they were for to approach her
To see which of them she would fancy best
One of them was a third lieutenant
On board of a jolly cruise-it-er
The other held a Captain's position
On board of a tigerous man-of-war

As she was driving through London city
She threw he her in a lion's den
Saying which of ye will gain a lady
By bringing me back my fan again
Then up spoke that bold sea captain
With a voice like thunder loud did roar
Oh no my life l will not venture
Although that lady I do adore

Then up spoke that third lieutenant
Though he being but low in mind
I’ve been in battle where cannons rattle
To face my foe always well inclined

Where there was bears and lions and tigers
Where strength was needless for to show
But now my life l will boldly venture
Whether l will gain that fair lady or no

Pulling his sword out from his rapier
He boldly ventured the lions all
With luck and fame sure that gallant hero
Two of the lions by his side let fall

Now when the queen.. (Speaks) No, I’m makin' a mistake there

Now when this maid saw her true love coming
And no harm to him was done
With open arms she did embrace him
Saying take the prize love that you have won
But when the queen she came to hear
That two of her best lions were slain
Sure she said no more about it
But well rewarded him for the same
She rose him from a third lieutenant
No more to Admiral o'er the blue
That very night they both got married
See what the powers of love can do



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