MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
blooming Mary Ann
Cyril O'Brien NFLD 2 Tape 6A Track 2
Trepassey Audio:

Oh come all ye rambling sailor lads wherever that you be
If ever that you meet a chance embrace it tenderly
If ever that you'll meet a chance embrace it if you can
Especially if she do be like blooming Mary Ann

The very first time l saw my love sure it was to a spree
The very first look l got at her l said she was for me
As l went to the spree that night twas sparkling l began
It was my first acquaintance with blooming Mary Ann

As l went to the spree that night myself for to enjoy
For singing and for dancing like every other boy
Some danced jigs some more danced reels each girl took a man
But amongst 'em all danced none at all like blooming Mary Ann

When the spree was over she took me- she took me by the hand (?)
She brought me to her father's house the place where she did dwell
And there l was kind treated by blooming Mary Ann

I stayed with her the livelong day and part of the next night
It was when we were parting she said my heart's delight
I said my handsome Colleen maid when will we meet again
Twill be on next Sunday evening my blooming Mary Ann

Three days had gone Sunday came on l thought it was near time
For me to go and take a walk and see that girl of mine
I washed my hands likewise my clothing l put on
And twas down the street l went to meet my blooming Mary Ann

I looked east and l looked west sure l looked all about
I saw her standing in her father's door as she was looking out
I went into her father's house that place where she did dwell
And there l was kind treated by blooming Mary Ann

I wasn't long in her father' s house till he had questioned me
He put to me some questions l was very glad to hear
I said l was a sailor lad and l gave him to understand
That l came to see if he 'd give me his daughter Mary Ann

Sure if you do like each other b'y l suppose twill have to be
I’ll give you lots of money a house and farm and land
If you'll stay on shore forever more with my daughter Mary Ann

Sure l was young in the world b'ys as you may plainly see
For to refuse the offer that he had give to me
I thanked him for his money his house and farm and land
And l jumped into the arms of his daughter Mary Ann

So now this couple got married b'ys as you may plainly see
The parents’ they do like the match and do speak well of me
Instead of ploughing the ocean l plough and till the land
And bless the day l came from sea and met Bloomin' Mary Ann



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