MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Duffy's blunder
Cyril O'Brien NFLD 2 Tape 6 Track 6
Trepassey Audio:
Comic Song

LEACH: All right
O'BRIEN (sings):

John Martin Duffy was judge of a court
In a rising young town in the west
He didn't know much about ways of the law
Though a judge he was one of the best

One day a young nigger was brought to the stand
For stealing a new pair of pants
And though we all knew he was guilty of course
Those words from the judge made him dance

Young man I’ll discharge you now run along home
I’ll leave you off this time you're free now to roam
For the evidence shows me right here with a glance
That you can’t make a suit out of one pair of pants

Judge Duffy one day bought a pair of blind mules
To drive him around the town
One dark stormy night a bold burglar stole one
And escaped on its back from the ground

Now Duffy was great in believing in fate
And he prayed every night and every day
That the Lord would be good and the burglar’d come back
With the mule he had stolen away

So he prayed every night and he prayed every day
And sure the good Lord sent the burglar his way
But he came in the nighttime for he was no fool
And while Duffy slept stole the other blind mule [laughter]

One night in the winter a murder occurred
It was laid to the blacksmith in town
They caught him red handed though he had three tries
The verdict of guilty they found

But he was the only blacksmith in town
And they hated to take his dear life
So Duffy rose up on the bench like a man
In a few words he settled the strife

Saying I move we discharge him for we need him at home
Then he spoke up these words that gave him renown
We have two Chinese laundrymen everyone knows
So save our poor blacksmith, and hang one of those



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