MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Mike McDonald
Cyril O'Brien NFLD 2 Tape 6 Track 5
Trepassey Audio:

LEACH: Give the mike a little tap; see if it’s loud enough. All right.
O’BRIEN (Sings):

Ye daring sons of Newfoundland came listen unto me
And hear about the dangers encountered on the sea
It’s of the _______ captain l mean to let you hear
Captain Mike McDonald belonging to Salmonier

They left their homes on Tuesday April the twenty-sixth
And coming down Trepassey Bay the fog it came in thick
They made the land at Freshwater Point, just at the close of day
McDonald said unto his men we'll heave her bead to see

They ran her off from the land for three long hours or more
Its then to let her come around l think she'll clear the shore
But alas his reckoning' it was wrong before the dawn of day
She struck the land near Johnson’s Gulch up in Trepassey Bay

McDonald said unto his men her sailing days are done
For soon she will be broken up by the heavy seas that run
Her foremast fell across the gulch where loud the seas did roar
And made a bridge where three of them reached safely to the shore

McDonald like a true seaman he was the last to leave
He stood there on his vessel's deck till he saw the crew all safe
Alas he waited all too long his own brave life to save
A sea did wash him off the boom and buried him in the waves

No tongue can tell no pen describe the feeling of those boys
To see the loving father drowning before their eyes
They could not lift a helping hand their father's life to save
Soon poor Mike McDonald sank beneath the waves

With sad sad hearts the other thee did sadly turn away
Up the cliff into the drop (?) they quickly made their way
Arriving there both tired and wet cold hungry too as well
With sad sad hearts and tear dimmed eyes the sad news for to tell

No praise can be too high to give to droop(?) men on that day
To that scene of disaster they quickly made their way
They searched both late and early till success their efforts crowned
The third day in the afternoon his body it was found

They took him on their shoulders and quickly made their way
Up the cliff into the droop (?) and waked him all that day
Twas then some men from Portugal Cove a coffin then prepared
To have him sent back to his home and friends in Salmonier

Now he is found and laid to rest he lives in memory
He was as true and as fine a man as ever sailed the sea
Like a Christian man he lived and died to his duty he was called
May the Lord have mercy on his soul that is the wish of all [Last three words spoken]



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