MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Does Your Mother Know You're Out?
Les Martin NFLD 2 Tape 6 Track 4
Trepassey Audio:
Comic Song

LEACH: All right
LES MARTIN (sings):

From ________ to Liverpool one night as l did stray
I’m going to a place called __________
But when we got to Church Street that night we turned about
But for courteously l asked her, “Does your mother know you’re out?”

I then took out my leather purse and we drank very free
I never felt so happy for to enjoy such company
Three roaring fellows they came in kicked up the devils row
Whilst the other two kept shouting, “Does your mother know you're out?”

They jammed me in a corner and they could not serve me worse
While this young maid she stole away from me my leather purse
Containing sixty sovereigns so slyly she tripped out
And the landlord forced me to the door and bid me to go out

l was walking out and down the street l said l was a fool
l wished myself a thousand miles away from Liverpool
When another girl kind sir I have no doubt (??)
You're a stranger in this country, “Does your mother know you're out?”

I stepped up to this pretty girl l give her such a clout
Where is the purse you stole from me down yonder public house
She bawled so loud the watchman came and said what's this about
Oh kind sir l only asked her if your mother knows you're out

They took me into custody and marched me off for jail
For six long months in prison in sorrow to bewail
For six long months in prison and that without a doubt
And I’ll bid adieu to Liverpool as soon as l get out.



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