MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Farmer
Leo Halleran NFLD 2 Tape 5A Track 6
Trepassey Audio:

LEACH: All right
HALLERAN (sings):

It was of a rich merchant in London town fair
He reared but one daughter she was beautiful and fair
And for to get married it was her intent
Her friends and relations they all gave consent

The time it was appointed all for the wedding day
And a farmer was chosen her bridesboy to be
Soon as this young lady the farmer she spied
My charms are my jewels my farmer she cried

She turned from the squire and never a word did say
And instead of gettin' married she returned to her bed
Because this young farmer still runs in her mind
And how for to gain him she quickly did find

Coat waistcoat and breeches this fair one put on
And away she went a-hunting with her dog and her gun
She hunted all around where the farmer did dwell
She knew in her heart she had loved him right well

It was often she fired but nothing did she kill
Till at length the young farmer came into the field
Why aren’t you at the wedding this fair one replied
To wait on the squire and hand him his bride

Oh no says the farmer I’ll take my spade in hand
And I’ll start in and dig up my own native land
This lady she was glad of hearing him so bold
And she handed him a glove, which was flowered with gold
Saying here is a glove l picked up coming along
While l was a hunting with my dog and my gun

The lady she went home with her heart full of love
And she put it in the public news that she had lost her glove
And the man that will find it and bring it safe to me
That very same night sure his bride l will be

The farmer he was glad of hearing this good news
And he went to the lady and he begged to be excused
Saying honour dearest fair one l picked up your glove
And l humbly beseech you to grant me your love

Tis already granted this fair one replied
For l love the sweet breath of a farmer she cried
I’ll manage my own dairy and milk my own cow
While my jolly young farmer still follows the plow

It was after they got married that she told him of the fun
How she hunted the farmer with her dog and her gun
And now that l have him quite safe in my snare
I’ll enjoy him forever I’ll vow and declare


Sources:   Also know as "The Golden Glove" Laws N20.   Creighton/Senior, 147-150 ("The Dog and the Gun"); Peacock, 340-341

History: According to the Traditional Ballad Index ( ) this song was first documented in 1830 and is found in Great Britain, Canada, and Ireland.

Text: A rich merchant's daughter is promised in marriage to a squire.   She meets a lowly farmer boy and immediately falls in love with him.   Instead of marrying her squire, she disguises herself as a hunter and sets out in search of her farmer boy.   Upon, locating him she plots to leave with him a golden glove.   He returns the glove to the rich merchant's daughter discovering that she is also the hunter girl that he met earlier in the forest.   They are married.

Tune: This major mode tune modulates to the dominant key at the end of phrase two.   The form is ABCA and the time signature is 4/4.

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