MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Andrew SheEhan
Mr. Patrick Pennell NFLD 2 Tape 5A Track 4
Trepassey Audio:

LEACH: All right

On the 24th or April
Sunday morning 'bout half-past four
When this accident it did occur
How loud did ________ roar

We were running all night under double reefed sail
Expecting to make the land
We tried to see most eagerly

The next day being the 31st
Cast on the raging main
With a single pound of bread a day
Each man for to maintain

Our captain cried stand by my boys
Till we try what she can do
For the daylight it’s approaching
And for ________________________

Now when the daylight cleared away
The land we chanced to spy
Shake out your reefs our Captain cried
To get her in we’ll try

Two youths to loose our poor old cords
His orders to obey
When one of these poor fellows fell
Out of Cape Spear that day

From the time he fell with knots _______
He was taking from the reel
When immediately our helmsman
A-starboard hove the wheel

So quickly our mainyard spun
And the ______ we __________ by hand
Yet minutes from the time he fell
Till he was a floating man

Like hearty tars for to see if he's alive
We exerted with all our skill
And the ocean rise all 'round us
When our boat began to fill

Now boys there is __________ sorrowful
On board of her that day
When Harkins he gave orders
Our main yards to square away

We did __________ mind leaving him behind
The lad we all loved dear
In the ocean deep to take a sleep
'Bout four miles from Cape Spear

His glass was run and his hour was come
To his maker he quickly flew
I hope the Lord receives his soul
As the most gloriously

To see his dear old father
As we hauled in to the pier
The wringing of his hands and
The tearing of his hair

He cried out broken-hearted
Where did you leave my child
And the dear old tender mother
She certainly ran wild

Oh parents dear now do not weep
For the losing of your son
Brothers and sisters l beg of you
To pray for him that's gone

Now all of ye that's standing round
Even women and children
Pray for the soul of Andrew Sheehan
May he rest in peace, Amen


History: Newfoundland broadside ballad.

Text: Andrew Shehan falls overboard and loses his life at sea.   The singer prays for his soul and for the mother, father, brothers and sister left behind grieving for him

Tune: A classic ABAB tune in 4/4 time which is sometimes stretched to better narrate the text.   The scale is major and the melody is characterized by ending on the upper range tonic in phrase A and the lower range tonic in phrase B.

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