MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Hole In The Wall
Harry Curtis NFLD 2 Tape 5 Track 7
Trepassey Audio:
Moniker Song

LEACH: All right
Harry Curtis (sings):

Now ye laddies and lassies l pray pay attention
And listen awhile to a tale l will tell
Its concerning a dance that we had here last Sunday
I’ll add a few verses to make it go well

On Saturday night as the crowd they did gather
To meet there on Sunday or to open the ball
In a saddle roof house no names l will mention
We'll title the harbour the Hole In The Wall

On Sunday at noon as the crowd it assembled
Those young lads and lassies their hearts they were gay
Now linked to each other they marched on together
O'er bog holes and marshes they soon made their way

Now I being a stranger sure I followed after
It was my first year on those highroads you know
Not __________ as a boyfriend l took as a pilot
To travel those highroads a few years ago

Now soon as we got there the music start playin'
And soon as it started oh the dance it began
I saw with one glance that the girls they were plenty
I think they was average about ____ to a man

I says to my boyfriend is this a theatre
The sights that l saw l could scarcely believe
Those charming young girls with their gold chains and bracelets
Their tidy silk dresses just under their knees

But all jokes aside boys they're all the first type boys
They'll all go as medium there's none of ‘em small
There's one lass among ‘em her name l will mention
And that was fair Flora the pride of them all

Now l says to fair Flora don't you be offended
For if it be so you're partner I’ll be
You are neat tall and handsome your figure is gorgeous
l think there's a two-buckle spring in your knee

So we danced there all evening we left off contented
The faraway girls they got anxious for home
And some of the boys they got very faint-hearted
They left ‘em to climb up the jungle alone

There was one more girl was late on arrival
I think she met weather and had to pull in
That was the information we got from her boyfriend
She has been too late to get tea for the men

Oh now to conclude and to finish my ditty
My mind is tormented no more can l rhyme
And if you're offended your temper can mend it
You might find __________ some day if l get time


Sources: Doyle, 1955: 69-70; Lehr/Best, 52; Roud #4416

From the Memorial University Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA) Song Index and Song Annotation Collection: Wareham, W. MUNFLA 68-26; Wareham, W. MUNFLA 70-8; Wareham MUNFLA 70-29; Wareham, W. and Ira Sheldon Posen MUNFLA 72-6; Spurvey, Eugene F MUNFLA 73-180; West, Eric MUNFLA 78-236; MacEachen, Ronald MUNFLA 78-264; Goldstein, Kenneth and Eric West MUNFLA 79-1

History: Newfoundland broadside ballad written by Peter Leonard.   Lehr/Best: The song "refers to the village of Little Bona in Placentia Bay."

Text: This singer attends a dance on Sunday evening where there are plenty of girls from home and away.  

Tune : Each stanza of this melody ends on the unstable fifth degree of the scale instead of the conventional tonic degree.   The triple metre tune has an AB form and the scale is major.

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