MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Picnic In The Northwest
Harry Curtis NFLD 2 Tape 5 Track 6
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Moniker Song

LEACH: All right

On the eighteenth of August the day was not fine
Sure we had made up to meet up at Ryan’s (?)
When we got there with our hearts full of joy
There was one wouldn't go her name was Miss Molloy (?)

Now she said she wouldn't go cause it was against her will
For she had it made up to go on Forest hill (?)
She had it made up and that was the truth
Morris Spurrell (?) Frank Tobin (?) and likewise George too

Now they got in the skiff and I’m sure they looked fine
With Jimmy Ryan, Skipper and Joe second hand
They rowed all along till they came to the shore
Says Jimmy we’ll call back about half-past four

Now the first thing they done was the kettles to fill
And then say a rosary for ______________ and Bill
A-prayin' the boat he might come around
When they'd have their _________ all spread on the ground

Now the first meal was over and all cleared away
Says one to the other, sure that was bad tea
Says one to the other you needn’t fret
We’ll go down to Bill Pendleton's some syrup we’ll get

Now to get it on credit it was their design
Frank Tobin (?), Bill ________ and likewise Bridge Ryan
To get it on credit if it is no offence
If ye are all satisfied to pay four cents

Now when they got the syrup I’m sure they looked large
They shoved it down in the legs of their drawers
They shoved it down there won't they have some fun
For the rest of the girls will think they have none

Now the kettles they had sure they turned the tea black
They had but one teapot and I’m sure it was
The cakes that they had, they were like cannonballs
They would kill a man from _________________

Now the day sure it turned out to be very wet
Which caused all those young girls to fret
They landed to Sutton’s all wet to the skin
Sure Dinky (?) was there for to welcome them in

Now he stood on the beach and I’m sure the looked fine
First one he took out Miss Katie Ann Ryan
Took her in his arms and spilled her on shore
Says he don't you go to the picnic no more

Now turned ________ around when the rest were all gone
Come up to the house and some dry clothes put on
Came up to the house and there take a spell
For there's nobody home only mother and Nell

No, no dearest George you this will not do
My mom she'll wonder where I'm gone to
There were some went the roads, there were more went the __________
I know they were anxious to get home to _________________

Now two more fine girls l will bring in my song
They didn't go home for the distance was long
They went up to Ryan's to wait for a dance
The one was _________ and the other _____________

Now they took off their wet and they put on their dry
And they wet over to see Kate Molloy
Now says Jerry I’ll give ye your choice
Don't you dance too hard or ________________


Sources: From the Memorial University Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA) Song Index and Song Annotation Collection: Halpert, Herbert and Nicholas Halpert MUNFLA 66-23

History : Newfoundland moniker song.

Text : The men have a picnic consisting of bad tea and hard cakes.   Having not enjoyed their lunch they decide to get some syrup on credit.   They hide the syrup in the legs of their pant so that they will not be required to share it with the girls.   Upon returning to their picnic camp it begins to rain.   They all go home to change their clothes and they head out to the dance to meet the girls.

Tune: The form is ABCD.   The tonality is major and the metre is 6/8.

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