MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Sweeter Than Flowers
Marie Hartery NFLD 2 Tape 5 Track 1
Portugal Cove South Audio:

LEACH: All right try it
MARIE (Sings):

Just as long as l can remember there remains a rose of my heart
Mom took sick alone in December
February left us broken hearts

The reason we’ve not called the family together
We knew she wouldn't be there
Cause momma as l thought it all over
I knew that your spirit is there

No, no l can't forget the hour
You're the only one mom and sweeter than the flower
No, no there's no need to bother
To speak of you now would only hurt father

They all gathered round I stared at their faces
All heads were bowed mighty low
That was one time we all had to face it
Though it hurt us so bad you know

Chorus: No, No l can't forget, etc.

You know momma we’ll never forget you
But someday we’ll meet you up there


Text: The singer remembers her dear mother who died in February, "Momma we'll never forget you but someday we'll meet you up there."

Tune: There are three verses in ABAC form each followed by a chorus in DEDF form.   The scale is major and the metre is triple.  

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