MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
You Pass Me By
Mrs. Betty Devereaux NFLD 2 Tape 4A Track 7
Trepassey Audio:

You pass me by
And you don’t even stop and say hello
Don't know why l love you
Cause each night it seems
I hear you say our love will never die
I wake from dreams
You pass me by.

When you are lonely
Someday you’ll learn just what it means
To live in dreams of love that's unreturned
A love so sweet that vanished
With the sunshine in the sky
Each time we meet
You pass me by.

You pass me by
And now l know my hopes are all in vain
Here am l alone on Memory Lane
I hope and pray
That the one you love will never make you cry
Then turn away
And pass you by.

I’ll keep your memory
Locked in my heart forever there
To help me bear the lonely tears that start
I might have known
Our love was only meant to be a lie
Oh, heart of stone
You pass me by.


Text: Told from the point of view of a jilted lover, “You Pass Me By” is a ballad about unrequited love.
Tune: The melody is characterized by chromatic passing tones in phrase ‘b’ of this ABAC form.  This performance is rhythmically flexible.

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