MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Trout and Salmon
Mrs. Bulger NFLD 2 Tape 4A Track 1
Trepassey Audio:

(continued from previous tape)

Yes, it was Cupid sent me, here my fortune for to win
And if l only could gain you, l would be free from sin
The very first look I got at you, I wished that you were mine
Publish the banns, give me your hand, forever I’ll prove kind.

My heart and hand I’d give to you, if l thought that you'd be true
But I'm afraid of policy, l think your love is new
Why are men, they are deceitful, they have a wavering mind
Publish the banns, here is my hand, forever I’ll prove kind.

Hand in hand we walked along, till they came to her father's gate
Her parents seemed quite satisfied, when first they saw my face
The banns were quickly published, l married her for life
And instead of trout and salmon peel, l gained a handsome wife.


Text: A young man is fishing for salmon and trout when he spies a beautiful woman.  He speaks to her and they fall in love.  They walk together to her parent’s house, where he is given permission to marry her, and “instead of trout and salmon peel he gains a handsome wife.”
Tune: A classic arch-shaped ABBA form with the conventional higher range in the ‘b’ section.  This melody is characterized by the pausing on the 6th degree of the scale at the end of phrases two and three.  The tonality is major and the metre is common time.

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