MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Trout and Salmon
Mrs. Bulger NFLD 2 Tape 4 Track 7
Trepassey Audio:

Leach: I’ll hold it for you.
Mrs. Bulger (sings):

As I rode out one evening, down by a riverside
To catch some trout and salmon peel where the streams do gently glide
Down by a brook, my way l took, it was there by chance l spied
A comely maid both tall and straight just as she passed me by.

The charms of this fair one, l mean for to unfold
Her hair hung o'er her shoulders in merrily links of gold
Her pretty fingers long and small just like the _________ chain
And her milk white skin more fairer than the swan on burling ??? streams.

I boldly then went up to her and this to her did say,
"Oh, was it Cupid sent you here or what brought you this way?"
"Are you an angler, sir?" she said, fishing in the river near
Or was it Cupid sent me here fair maids for to ensnare?

Yes it was Cupid sent me here my fortune for to win

(song continued on


Text: A young man is fishing for salmon and trout when he spies a beautiful woman.   He speaks to her and they fall in love.   They walk together to her parent's house where he is given permission to marry her and "instead of trout and salmon peel he gained a handsome wife."

Tune: A classic arch-shaped ABBA form with the conventional higher range in the 'b' section.   This melody is characterized by the pausing on the 6 th degree of the scale at the end of phrases two and three.   The tonality is major and the metre is common time.

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