MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Peter Amberly
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Here’s adieu unto those young girlfriends and the Island girls so true
Long may they live to enjoy the Isle where my first breath l drew
The time will roll on just the same as before l passed away
What signify the mortal man whose natural form is clay

There’s a life beyond the tomb to which now I’m hastening on
For life is more than mortal and death shall ever come
The mist or death those rim my eyes l cannot linger here
My spirits waits their final flight so now l am leaving here


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History: At the age of eighteen, Prince Edward Islander Peter Amberley is fatally injured in the Miramichi lumber woods when a log rolls on him.   According to Edit Fowke, John Calhoun composed the lyrics in 1881 and Abraham Munn set these words to a traditional Irish tune.   More information about this ballad can be found in the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada located at .

Text: Peter Amberley, born in PEI, sings about death and life after death.

Tune : Such poor quality that it is hard to distinguish features.

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