MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Emmigrant's Farewell
Michael Murphy NFLD 2 Tape 3A Track 4
Trepassey Audio:

Leach: Now you can do it
Murphy (Sings):

Fair Newfoundland have l got to leave you
To seek a living on some foreign strand
For from this nation by sheer starvation
l now must leave you dear Newfoundland.

My youthful days l will long remember
And the good old times we will see no more
With the boys and girls in old Terra Nova
l now must leave you dear native shore

Your lofty mountain-

(Speaks) Oh God... you better shut it off cause... kinda high

Your lofty mountains your hills and meadows
l often played on a summer day
Where happy picnics and merry parties
Have passed from view and the boys at play

How of’t in spring on a pleasant evening
To the Blockhouse go on the battery stand
Where crowds stood eager to watch the sealers
Coming in the narrows of Newfoundland.

Dear Newfoundland with her fishery failing
Her sons and daughters must leave each fall
When forced by poverty and wild vexation
To the shores of Boston the home for all

Although with friends we feel sad at parting
Our aged parents on the pier will stand
To bid farewell to dear sons and daughters
It's forced to leave you dear Newfoundland

The grand regatta held on Kitty Vitty
I long to see in my native place
The Hawk, The Myrtle and the Lady Drover
And the Good old Native in the tradesman’s race

Tents decked with bunting l see before me
Although each year since l took my stand
Near the greasy pole and the wheel of Fortune
At Regatta Day in dear Newfoundland

Though you sons and daughters have crossed the waters
To find employment in a foreign land
Their hearts are living in Terra Nova
With her sporting lakes and her hills so grand

Should Confederation get on your nation
May peace and plenty the land provide
For Newfoundlanders both in art and science
With any nation can go side by side

So here's success to your dear old country
May your future brighten as in days of yore
May your dear providence guide you in all your doings
Your hardy sons on your rock bound shore

And keep your sons and your fairest daughters
Employed at home on your shores so grand
May the present generation adorn your nation
With a prayer of ________ from Newfoundland

(Speaks) That's terrible


Sources : Murphy, F1: 61; Murphy, 1956: 23; Murphy, 1904: 68 ("The Exile's Last Farewell")

History: Newfoundland ballad.

Text: The Newfoundland fishery is failing and people must leave to find work.   The singer reminisces about the good times spent enjoying the grand Regatta and the beautiful outdoors.

Tune: A beautiful pentatonic mode (a scale with five tones and no semitones) melody in ABAB form.   The performance is rhythmically free.

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