MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Captain Wholesome
Wm. Sutton NFLD 2 Tape 3 Track 2
Trepassey Audio:

Sutton (sings):
Ye mariners of old Ireland ye heroes stout and good
And all that ye ack-

(speaks) Oh my he got off from me

Male voice: (speaks in background) And all of ye that are intend their country for to leave

Sutton (speaks): yes

(sings): And all of ye that do intend your country for to leave
Come join with Captain Wholesome a hero stout and bold
Who fought his way all over the sea that never was controlled
The number of her passengers was three hundred and eighty two
And they were all teetotalers excepting a very few
We passed round our lemonade till _____ _______shot o’er the way
We brought Father Mitchell’s (?) medals safe to Amerikay

Our Captain and his lady was on board the deck he stayed
To crown our giant _________ as they sailed o’er the sea
To crown our giant__________going below that night
Our Captain he walked all around the deck to see if all was right

He said my boys don’t go below or do not think on sleep
For if that great God don’t favour us we’ll be slumbering in the deep

The bold pirate bore down on us and ordered us to stand
Your gold and heavy loading your riches I’ll demand
Your gold and heavy loading come give it all to me
Or not a man you’ll ever bring safe to Amerikay

Then up speaks Captain Wholesome unto his jovial crew
We’ll fight them to a man, men and what more can we do
And when the battle it began the blood in streams did flow
Captain and his passengers proved the pirate’s overthrow

There were a lady on board of her with his true love by his side
How manfully she fought her way along the bulwark side
She said my gallant hero loads I mean to end all strife
Twas with a pistol ball she took the pirate captain’s life

We boarded her immediately her decks to clear away
We boarded her immediately her decks to clear away
The pirates all surrendered just at the break of day
So we towed her in a total wreck said to Amerikay

Female voice: (in background) Very good.


Sources : Peacock, 1965: 775 ("The Captain's Lady")

History: Newfoundland broadside ballad.

Text: Captain Wholesome's ship is attacked by pirates and it is the lady of the ship who takes the life of the Pirate Captain.

Tune: A classic arch-shaped ABBA tune with the 'b' section in a higher register.   The singer stretches the metre throughout the song, but it is fundamentally a 6/8 tune.   The scale is major.

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