MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Rio Grande
Tom Cornelly NFLD 2 Tape 23 Track 2
(St. Shott's ?) Audio:

Where are ye a-going my pretty maid?
Oh you Rio

I'm going milking kind sir she said

And we're bound for the Rio Grande
Then away you Rio
Oh you Rio
Then fare you well my bonny Scotchgirl
And we're bound for the Rio Grande

Can l go with you my pretty maid?
Just as you like kind sir she said
What is your father my pretty maid
He's a husband to mother kind sir she said

{The underlined parts of the first stanza are the chorus. They are inserted in the same places in the last two stanzas}


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History: Found in Newfoundland, England, Nova Scotia, Massachussets, Maine, Kentucky & Montreal. Oldest version found in England in 1904.

Text: A conversation with a maid. She says she is bound for the Rio Grande and the singer asks to accompany her. She answers to the affirmative with "it's as you like." He inquires about the identity of her father. She says he is a "Husband to her Mother."

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