MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Lonely Sarah
John Connors NFLD 2 Tape 22 Track 6
(St. Shott's ?) Audio:

My parents reared me tenderly they had no child but me
I was bent on roaming at home I would not stay
I roamed about for pleasure wher'er my fancy lay
Till l was bound apprentice that proved my destiny

I did not like my master he did not use me well
I made a resolution not long wit' him to dwell
Unknown to friends and parents from him I ran away
I steered my course for Dublin my curse lies on the day

I was not long in London six months or only more
When an honourable lady proposed to hire me
I was not long in her service one year or only more
When my young wealthy mistress she loved me very dear
She said my gold my silver my houses and my lands
If you will agree and marry me it'll be at your command

Oh mist'ess hon'rable mist'ess I cannot wed too bold
For I am already promised I have sworn a solemn oath
To wed no one but Sarah your handsome waiting maid
Oh mist'ess hon'rble mistress she got my heart betrayed

With rotten indignation my angry mistress said
Did I think I'll ever be slighted all for a chambermaid
Since you refuse my offer young man the lady said
On you I'll be revenged for my life is led astray

Oh early the next morning a-viewing the meadows gay
l met my wealthy mistress and we walked on our way
A gold ring from her finger as we walked side by side
She slipped in my coat pocket and for that ring I'll die

My mist'ess swore I robbed her and quickly I was brought
Before a bar of justice to answer for my fault
The jury found me guilty this world I must bid adieu
Sweet handsome lovely Sarah l will die for the love of you


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