MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Mike Bolin
John Conway NFLD 2 Tape 21A Track 5
(St. Shott's ?) Audio:

Oh what a world of Flummery there's nothing but deceit indeed
Tis the same I will maintain and throw it in my song

(Speaks) I guess you'll have to shut it off

[There is a pause here. The singer has not begun to sing the song named above. He cannot remember the rest of the one he bas begun and now sings 'Mike Bolin']

LEACH: All right let her go.

Come all ye Jolly fishermen and listen unto me
Till I sing about three _______ that had to go to sea
There names I will not mention now for a little while
And when you hear my little song twill cause you for to smile

The first of June came round my boys the time for fishing came
They got a man from Calvert, Mike Bolin was his name
He was a fine fisherman for fish or cutting hay
He cut the rabbit meadow in less than half a day

The skipper got his hardy crew down to the store he went
To put the engine in a boat sure that was their intent
In coming down the bridge sure the barrow gave a crack
Says Bolin to the skipper I will take it on my back

With their caulking irons ready sure they went to work next day
They caulked her and they pinched her I'm sure they knew the way
And when they had her ready boys as ye may understand
They put their fishing gear aboard and shoved her from the land

Their little boat was leaky and on her they could not gain
Says Bolin to the skipper this is labour on the brain
They put their little boat ashore and worked with might and main
And soon they had her ready and shoved her out again

The first day on the hand line the skipper he done fine
He ____ over fifty ton and Bolin twenty-nine
The skipper said unto his men we'll keep our fish apart
For hauling in those big ones is going to my heart

One day out on the fishing ground there was a heavy swell
And Tom lay down upon the hatch he wasn't feeling well
The skipper in the afternoon he was lying flat
And Bolin on the cutty like a cat upon a mat

The skipper he awoke and he called his hardy crew
Come on me b'ys we will go out p'raps we'll get a few
But to their sad misfortune no fish was to be found
And five o'clock in the evening they were on the solid ground

One day out on the jigging ground as they ran short of gas
They tried to land in Burnett Cove but the sea was running fast
They were no fishing boats in sight no one to give a tow
They looked at one another saying there's nothing left but row

They got their oars across her and rowed with all their might
To see them coming around Burnett it was a funny sight
And when they landed on the beach their sweat rolled down their face
Saying an hour and twenty minutes from Burnett jigging place

And now my song is ended it's late up in the year
For sculpins and for dogfish I'm sure they got their share
And if you want to know my boys who composed this song
It's Tom Ghaney from Freshwater himself and his son John


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