MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Charles Augustus Anderson
Mr. Fitzgerald Sr. NFLD 2 Tape 21A Track 4
(St. Shott's ?) Audio:

Come all ye roamin' countrymen with pity lend an ear
When you'll hear me sad announcement you can't but shed a tear
I'm here in close confinement bound down in irons strong
Surrounded by strong granite walls and sentenced to be hung

My father was a shipwright sure l might be the same
He taught me God's examples, to him I'll lay no blame
Likewise my tender mother for me she suffered sore
When she'Il hear my sad announcement she can' t but suffer more

Charles Augustus Anderson is my right and proper name
And since l been in battle I'll ne'er deny the same
Brought up by decent parents and now must die in scorn
If you'll b'lieve me now l do lament that ever l was born

My last ship was the "Saladin" as you may understand
We were bound for Alfariso [Valpariso?] McKenzie had command
We arrived there in safety without the least dismay
Until Phelan came on board of us curse on that fatal day

Twas Phelan did seduce us for to commit that crime
Which we might had prevented had we begun in time
We took the lives of innocents the same l can't deny
We stained our hands in human blood and now for it must die

Brothers and sisters all adieu that is near and dear to me
Ye are far beyond the ocean your faces I'll ne'er see
Twas with sorrow and l parted them their hearts they were pierced through
But the sorrow won' t be worn away until it is removed

No mother dearest mother if l could but see your face
I would kiss your lips of tenderness I'd take my last embrace
I'd bathe you in my tears of grief before my Fatal hour
And then submit myself to God for his holy will and power

There's no books of consolation is here that l can read
I profess to the church of England by nation I'm a Swede
These messages that send to me l can't well understand
l must die here like a heathen all in a foreign land

The sheriff and his officer they came to me in gaol
I took the awful message but never seemed to fail
They placed the fatal hawser to end all shame and strife
Twas with my own hands greased the cord that cut the thread of life
I was taken from the gibbet led to that fatal stand
I viewed the briny ocean and then the pleasant strand
The rope __________ through the ring which quickly stopped my breath
And it ended my career forever in the violent jaws of death


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