MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Repentant Sinner
Mrs. K. McCarthy NFLD 2 Tape 21A Track 3
St. Shott's Audio:

Good Christians young and old come listen to my story
These few lines l will unfold come listen unto me
In tears l do lament oh what a sinful life l spent
It is time now to repent and think on eternity

Good Christians we well know how our souls they are exposed
To every sinful mode in which we take great delight
Cursing and blaspheming cheating and ___________
Injuring our neighbours both morning noon and night

On the holy Sabbath day which God himself hath made
In pious prayers and works that day we all should spend
For to join the congregation with a pious exultation
At the holy elevation of a mass we should attend

Instead of going to mass on Sunday we spend our time till Monday
Drinking and squand'ring on our poor family
The pledge we violated which Father Matthew gave us
Brought a desolation(?) into our country

When sickness it do seize us and _______ on us gazes
How can we face the God whom we do offend
Who shed his blood to save us from Hell's dark burning rages
Where the devil and his angels in torments never end

When death will strike us stark it will wound us in the heart
From this world we must depart with our _______ burst in tears
Our sins we can't deny them it's useless for to try them
They're written down in black and white our actions deeds and words

Prepare now for confession with penitent contrition
That ye might gain remission all ye that' s going astray
Pray both late and early to the Blessed Virgin Mary
That God will grant you pardon on that last accounting day

And the cross of thirty feet of our Redeemer's make
His sacred hands and feet they nailed with iron pins
They crowned his head with thorns they treated him with scorn
Until our dear Redeemer he suffered for our sins


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