MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Pat O'Brien
Mrs. K. McCarthy NFLD 2 Tape 21A Track 1
St. Shott's Audio:

____ I courted her till I had her won her joyful days are gone
I stole away both night and day her company for to shun

Patsy wrote a letter and sent it to his love
Saying I hope you'll bear my company this evening in the grove
She dressed herself in the richest pearl to meet him by the way
But she was brought up in the fear of God and reared most tenderly

For she was brought up in the fear
For she was brought up in the fear of God and reared most tenderly
But little did she ever think he'd serve her so barb'rously

When he saw her coming it's from her he thought to hide
Saying Nancy lovely Nancy I'll never make you my bride
For l been told for certain that you have slighted me
I made a vow this very night your butcher for to be

Nancy looked all 'round her but no one could she see
Saying Pat O'Brien don't prove unkind or do not murder me
Since you have gained my virginal bloom sure I let no one know
If you'll agree and marry me forever I'll prove true

He took her by the yellow locks he pulled her to the ground
Twas with a knife took her sweet life gave her that deathly wound
Twas with a spade he dug her grave and then dashed out her brains
The very last word was Pat O'Brien you do not feel the pain

That very same night he murdered her to her mother she did appear
Her mother rose and spoke to her without any dread or fear
Saying mother dearest mother you'll never see me any more
For Pat O'Brien has murdered me and left me in my gore

Come all ye judge and jurymen and all are standing by
Twas l who murdered Nancy Ryan I'm willing for to die
When l get on the Gallows tree let all good Christians pray
Beware of all false jealousy and shun bad company


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