MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Claudie's Banks
Mrs. K. McCarthy NFLD 2 Tape 21 Track 8
St. Shott's Audio:

As l roved out one evening in the lovely month of May
Down by a shady valley l carelessly did stray
I overheard a damsel and sore she did complain
All for her absent lover that's crossing o'er the main

He quickly saluted me and put me in surprise
I own l did not know him for he being in disguise
He said my dearest jewel my joy my heart's delight
How far have you to travel this dark and stormy night

Kind sir away to Claudie's banks if you'd be pleased to show
Pity a distressed maid it's there l have to go
In search of a faithless young man and Johnny is his name
And it's on the banks of Claudie I'm told he do remain

Fair maid away to Claudies banks it's right here where we stand
Don't you depend on Johnny for he is a false young man
Don't you depend on Johnny for he'll not meet you there
But come with me to yon green tree no danger need you fear

She wrang her hands and tore her hair and bitterly did cry
Since Johnny is gone and left me no comfort can l find
Since Johnny is gone and left me no other bride I'll be
Through shady groves I'll wander till he'll return to me

Oh when he saw her loyalty he could no longer stand
He flew unto her two arms saying Betsy I'm the man
Saying Betsy I'm the young man that's the cause of all your pain
And since we've met on Claudie's banks we ne'er shall part again


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