MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Villiage Maid
Mrs. K. McCarthy NFLD 2 Tape 21 Track 7
St. Shott's Audio:

One day the larks with cheerful note sang loudly in the air
While on my way I chanced to meet a maid both gay and fair
In a ________ style both neat and trim, with a basket on her arm,
Her smile some honouring art would yield onto that village charm.

"Where are you going, fair maid" said he, "so early in the morning?"
"I'm going to market, kind sir," she said "my daily bread to earn.
For father is dead and mother is poor, no friends, kind sir," she said
"Therefore away I cannot stay," replied the village maid.

"You shall have houses, you shall have lands and everything you crave
If you will consent for to be mine, sweet, charming, lovely maid."
"It's not your houses or your lands will win my heart," she said,
"Although, kind sir, that I am poor l am but a village maid.

"I am, kind sir, of a lowly birth and you of a high degree
Therefore away I cannot stay nor on me make too free.
Young Edmond is the lad l love he has my heart by trade
Therefore away l cannot stay," replied the village maid

"Next day when daily toil is o'er he meets me at yon stile
He talks of love and the church bell rings and on me he do smile
He won my heart and his bride I'll be, no other on earth I crave."
There's none so happy or yet so gay as the lovely village maid


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