MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Cod Liver oil Song
Jack Myrick NFLD 2 Tape 21 Track 5
St. Shott's Audio:

I'm a young married man who is tire of my life
l married this years to a sick-i-ly wife
She does nothing all day only sits down and cries
Praying to heaven oh that she would die

A friend of my own came to see me one day
He says your poor wife she is pining away
He afterwards told me that she would get strong
If I'd buy her a bottle from dear Doctor John

I bought her a bottle oh just for to try
The way that she gulped it l thought she would die
I bought her another it vanished the same
And l own she got Cod liver oil on the brain

Oh doctor, oh doctor, oh dear Doctor John
Your Cod liver oil is so pure and so strong
I'm afraid my poor wife will go down in the soil
If she takes any more of your cod liver oil

Since she took taking oil she is gaining in weight
Five _____________________________________
Since she took taking oil she is gaining in weight
Five braces O rabbits and a quarter of beef
She'll devour at each meal it's a sight for to see
A boxcar of tarts and a puncheon of tea

If she holds taking oil like she's taking it now
The next sale of prime cattle she won't leave a cow
She' s a bloody fine hand for to make the grub fly
She eats spare ribs enough for ten men and a boy

My house it resembles a big doctor's shop
It's scattered with bottles from bottom to top
And when in the morning my kettle do boil
You'd swear it was singing out cod liver oil


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