MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Polly Moore
Jack Myrick NFLD 2 Tape 21 Track 4
St. Shott's Audio:

I'm come my dear for to take my leave
I'm going to sail love and do not weep
I'm going to sail to the Spanish shore
To leave that fair one, to leave that fair one
To leave that fair one whom I do adore

Now hark dear Jimmy hearken unto me
How many a brave ship was wrecked at sea
You'd better take leisure in your true loves arms
Free from all dangers free from all dangers
Free from all dangers and those cold winter storms

Now cold nor danger love need I fear
I'm going to sail in a privateer
And if God pleases to spare me my life
When I'll return love, when I'll return love
When I'll return love, I'll make you my wife

There is one thing more that disturbs my mind
Some other fair one I'm afraid you'll find
Now when you're rambling on the Spanish shore
You ne'er will think on, you ne'er will think on
You ne'er will think on, your poor Polly Moore

Had I ten thousand bright girls to see
I could enjoy oh none love but thee
Go then said Polly since you're so true
I will wed no man, I'll wed with no man
I'll wed wit' no man my jewel but you

At length those two loving young couple did part
With sobbing sighs and two breaking hearts
He then too ship ________ and away he went
And he left that fair one, he left that fair one
He left that fair one in tears to lament

(speaks) I'm not able to sing nothing now.


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