MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Patrick's Day
Jack Myrick NFLD 2 Tape 21 Track 3
St. Shott's Audio:

Ye offspring's of satin [sic]of ancient
___________ true sons by adoption
Those few lines most sincere I'll submit to
Your careful perusion [sic] and likewise instruction

Concerning a great and apostolic man
Our glorious St. Patrick you shall understand
He banished idolatry out of our land
Made Eryin to blaze with his zeal and emotion
Religion to spring wit' the greatest of oceans
And he left us the happiest isle on the ocean
On Patrick's day in the morning

When he came to our shore the land was
Spread o'er with witchcraft and darkness profan'ty
'Twas deluged l may say by such gross evil ways
It was pleasing to Beelzebub's fancy
But the magic of Christ did all magic excel
Those in soft __________ he made them rebel

Their worship did stop and their idols do stand [descend?]
Our saviour's blessed name it was held through the nation
The cross it was held in profound veneration
And Eryin complied in the name of salvation
On Patrick's day in the morning

Our blessed divine he was always inclined
To fulfill the great will of his master
Did innumerous trains of our clergy ordain
Designed for to rule ever after
By his holy exertion and sanctified skill

The truths of the gospel he pure did distill
Hibernia she shined like a torch on a hill
The land that was always in Lucifer's fetters
Would now style it's island wit' saints and wit' letters
And for learning all Europe to her they were debtors
On Patrick s day in the morning

Our saint he did smile when he viewed the sweet isle
AlI flocked to his glorious standards
Innumerous cries penetrated the skies
In praise of our holy commander
It's now on the verge of three hundred years

Our church he supported with trouble and cares
He stood by the doctrine he planted so dear
In spite of seduction oppressing and killing
To this present day we got still seven million
Who are always both ready and active
And willing to ease the just cause in the morning

(speaks) You know that's a hard song to sing that is.


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