MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Coach Boy
Tom Findlay NFLD 2 Tape 21 Track 2
St. Shott's Audio:

LEACH: Now we're ready
FINDLAY: (Sings)

In the town of Dermot(?) ye soon shall hear
A wealthy squire who did live there
He reared a daughter a beauty bright
In her father's coach boy took great delight

As she went walking one day alone
To her love Johnny she made sad moan
Saying John dear John no longer can I conceal
But my mind to you now I must reveal

Now fairest lady make no mark of me
For I'm your coach boy of a low degree
No mark at all ______________

(Rest of verse and beginning of next obscured by whistling noise on tape]

_____________ old father he in ambush lay
Hearing all what his daughter did say
Sayin' daughter, daughter as you please
You may change your notes but I know your plans

She threw herself on her bending knees
Saying cruel father do as you please
No other young man I can never love more
Than my darling Coach boy I do adore

Her old father as ye soon shall hear
He called his servant for to appear
He paid the wages down with a frown
This young man's heart filled up and the tears rolled down

He had been scarce three miles from the town
When a perjured press gang did him surround
Out of his pocket took a diamond ring
And a gay gold watch of which he knew nothing

To Dermot gaol this young man was sent
Where he lay in grief-o and discontent
Where he lay in grief as ye soon shall hear
Till the day of assizes it would draw near
[At least two verses missing here. Obscured by noise on tape]

__________ while she held a pen-knife fast in her hand
Sayin' death you're welcome to share the smart
'twas wit' this pen-knife she pierced her heart

As she lay bleeding in her crimson gore
Saying cruel father you could do no more
You broke the hearts that were long in store (?)
She closed her eyes and she said no more


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