MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Jimmy & Nancy
Molloy NFLD 2 Tape 20A Track 4
St. Shott's Audio:

Here's adieu lovely Nancy I'm now going to leave you
Down to the East Indies my course l will steer
I know very well my long absence will grieve you
But my dear I'll be back in de spring of the year

Oh Jimmy lovely Jimmy you talk not of leavin'
You talk not of leaving me here all alone
It is your fond company love l do admire
Be advised by me Jimmy and tarry at home

I will dress as a sailor if you'd let me go with you
In the midst of all dangers your friend l won't fail
Wit' the stormy winds ringing and the raging seas rolling
My dear I'll be ready to reef your topsail

Your neat little hands love round cables can't handle
Nor your neat little feet up our riggin' can't run
Nor your delicate body cold winds cant endure of
Stay at home lovely Nancy to the sea do not come

So Jimmy went sailing left Nancy bewailing
The tears from her poor eyes like fountains did flow
Her gay golden locks she s continually tearing
Sayin I'll sigh till I die won't l ne'er see him more

Let this be a warning to all other fair maids
Never love a young sailor who ploughs on the sea
For it's first they will court you and next they will slight you
And then they will leave you as Jimmy left me


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