MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Captain Howley
Frank Knox NFLD 2 Tape 20A Track 3
St. Shott's Audio:

One morning as l rambled from the gallant briga'tine
To the Island of Jamaica where l have lately been
And slowly as l strayed my way not caring where l went
Down by some rich plantation my course l slowly bent

The hills and dales were thick with green in pink and yellow spots
My mind being bent on rambling and melancholy thoughts
My mind being bent on rambling as l lay down to rest
Twas there I thought on my native home and the girls l love the best

My parents dwell in harmony and living at their ease
Whilst l am doing my foolishness and ploughing the raging seas
While l am doing my foolishness and toiling night and day
I sang a song of old Ireland to drive those cares away

And then my song being ended my mind being more at ease
I rose to pull some oranges that hung down from the trees
I arose to pick some oranges that hung down in my sight
When a female form attracted me, which filled me with delight

I boldly then stepped up to her 'Good Morning' my fair young maid
And with a kind reception Good Morning sir she said
I think you are a stranger that have lately came from sea
Yes l do belong to that Brigantine lies anchored in the bay

As we both sat down upon the ground to chat there for awhile
I told her of some curious yarns, which caused this lass to smile
And as l rose to go my way she bade me this request
Will you come and see my husband he'll treat you out the best

Then she kindly introduced me to a noble looking man
And with a kind reception he took me by the hand
The wine being on the table and dinner was served up soon
We three sat down together and spent a jolly good afternoon

Now to conclude and finish I'll take my pen in hand
My name is Edward Howley l am an Irishman
Three weeks before l left the shore my trouble it began
Because l wanted a fair young girl who belonged to another man


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