MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Over The Mountain
Jim Molloy NFLD 2 Tape 20 Track 1
St. Shott's Audio:

LEACH: All right, Over The Mountain.... Over The Mountain
MOLLOY: Okay. Actually...One night ............... Can l sing again?

One night as the moon bright 'o the sky
I once took a notion to marry
I put on my hat ________ where l oftimes had been
My heart _______ my darling to ________

I rose up the latch and l gently walked in
Sayin darling come over the mountain
I rose up the latch and l gently walked in
Sayin darling come over the mountain

If l were to go over the mountains wit' you
l would be intended [sic] by danger
The country would prattle and censure me too
My parents would frown and no wonder
Oh let them all prattle and censure away
Come choose your own mind cause it's very near day
I don't care a fig what the both of them say
If l once had you over the mountain

Oh stop for a while till l put on my shoes
My heart give one bound when l heard that glad news
I ran to the door l bid him to excuse
Sayin pleasantly over the mountain

At that time bright salmon had shown on the sky
The mornin' start brightly shinin'
We both sot out on our journey wit' speed
Till we came to the altar of hymen

In sweet content we passed the whole day
The happiness of marriage we now passed away
We ofttimes do talk when we sit to our tea
'Bout the trip we took over the mountain


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