MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Day I Lost My Job
Paddy Duggan NFLD 2 Tape 2 Track 9
Cape Broyle Audio:
Comic Song

Leach: All right

Duggan: (sings)

Now l am a working man
I’m working with a grocery man
His name is Fitzpatrick
He docked me without warning
A week last Friday morning
He noticed l had taken too much gin

He paid to me my wages
Sure then l started home
For to tell my family all about the row
But instead of them excusing
They turned on me like poison
And they ________ unhappy for me now

l searched this city like a Turk
For to try to get one job of work
My wife she sweeps the floor with me and soaks me in the gum
My two sons Dan and Dicky
Now they beat me and they kicked me
And they treat me like a _________ since the day l lost my job

They kicked me out the whole night without one bit to eat
They spilled gravy on my clothes
God Bury them
I kicked and l hollered
And quickly I was collared
By an officer which took me for a tramp

He slammed me with his cudgel
Sure l made my escape
Neath a wagon round the corner l did hide
And soon l was a dozing
In the morning l was frozen
And with the cold that night l nearly died

I’m just as frightened as a mouse l cannot go into the house
For if l do I’m sure to get attacked by the mob
They swear that I am lazy
They have me driven crazy
I never had no comfort since the day l lost me job

My next door neighbour Murphy
Bade to me the other day
Mr. Higgins come and have a drink with me
And for to banish trouble
I drank till l saw double
Ah we both got on the devil of a spree

We then got in an argument
I don’t know what about
Until Murphy threw his fist into my face
Then the gang they got around me
And started in to pound me
And with the surest ___________

I’m getting humpbacked don’t you see
From dodging lamps and crockery ware
I think they mean to murder me
With axes they all chase me
With cows tails they lace me
I never had no comfort since the day l lost my job


Text: Comic narrative of an alcoholic man who goes to work drunk, loses his job, and angers his family.

Tune : A major mode melody in ABAB form.   The performance is rhythmically free and more melismatic than most.

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